Participation in the conference on Federalism

A delegation of the department of History on 8th April 2010 participated in a conference on Federalism on the proposed Constitutional Reforms Package at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. The delegation was supervised by Mrs. Rabia Umar Ali, Assistant Professor of History. The conference was organized by The Centre for Civic Education Pakistan (CCEP) and The Forum of Federations (FOF), Canada in collaboration with Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC).

Mr. Werner Thut (Ph.D), Vice President of FOF Mr. Zafarullah IQian, Executive Director of CCE was also present there including many lawyers, parliamentarians and students from department of History, QAU representing student community of Pakistan. It was a very informative and beneficial conference for the students. The students got know how about the proposed constitutional reforms. The focus was the Special Committee of the Parliament and its performance about the aim of the restoration of the federal parliamentary character. The students learnt about the latest political developments.

Presentation and Discussion session with United States Educational Foundation in Pakistani U SEFP1

A presentation was arranged by the department of History on 30th March 2010 in collaboration with USEFP for orientation of Scholarships and outreach research programs at Social Sciences Hall. The purpose of the presentation was to enhance the knowledge of students regarding the procedures and requirements of FULBRIGHT scholarship. Briefing and presentation session on the scholarships, grants, exchange programs, GRE and TOEFL was very helpful for the students as well as for the faculty members. Representatives of USEFP delivered presentation and ended with the question and answer session. It was a very informative and beneficial for the students and they learnt a lot from the presentation.

Visit of the election commission of Pakistan

An educational visit to the Election Commission of Pakistan was arranged by the department of History on 14th April 2010. The visit was supervised by Mr. Fakhar Bilal, Lecturer in History. The purpose of the visit was to enhance the knowledge of students regarding the proceedings of Election Commission of Pakistan. The management of the commission was very supportive.

A separate briefing and presentation session on the working of Commission, its functions and history was also arranged. Mr. Syed Sher Afghan, Joint Secretary Election Commission provided information about the functions and jurisdictions of the commission. The session followed by the queries with officials of the commission including Syed Sher Afghan, Joint Secretary, Sheikh Jalil Ahmad, Deputy Secretary, Mr. Imtiaz Alam, Mr. Noor Gulab, Mr. Saeed Khan and Asad Ullah Khan Chattah. It was a very informative and beneficial visit for the students of Political Parties course and students also met with the secretary Election Commission Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan. The Secretary Election Commission appreciated the struggle of the students about the understanding of the code of conduct of the commission, its rules, and functioning in addition to this the Secretary also emphasized on the importance of History, Political development and Social Sciences in the 21st century.