The Department of History was established in 1973. It has rigorous BS, M.Phil., and Ph.D. programs. The focus of the Department is Modern South Asia, with additional courses on Medieval India, Modern Europe and the History of Muslim Civilization.

The vision of the Department of History is the establishment of the Department of History as the premier social sciences program at the BS, M.Phil., and Ph.D., levels in Pakistan, at least in the public sector. In a social sciences program, the principal determinants of research output are the strength, qualitative and quantitative, of the faculty, and the level of enthusiasm and competence of the students enrolled.

Message from Chairperson

Dr. Rabia Umar Ali

You are welcome to the official website of the Department of History. It is one of the leading departments of the country with distinguished historians as its pioneers and founders. Currently we offer a diverse range of courses on South Asia in particular and world History in general. You are invited to visit not only the website but the department which has grown into a vibrant institution of higher learning. I hope you will find the experience inspiring and exalting.

Dr. Rabia Umar Ali- Chairperson
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