Bachelors Program

The BS History degree is designed to provide a broad range of courses that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. The general rules for the BS program in History are the same as for all the BS programs offered at the campus of QAU.

  • BS History is a four-year degree program comprising of eight regular semesters.
Eligibility Criterion
  • Minimum 45% aggregate marks each in HSSC OR equivalent exams (as per IBCC equivalence).
Academic Requirements for Degree
  • Regular Degree: BS History (Four Year Degree Program)
    Successful completion of 129 credit hours spread over 46 Courses and one Undergraduate Thesis in eight regular semesters.
  • Cut off Degree: BA (equivalent to Two Year Degree Program)
    Successful completion of minimum of 63 credit hours spread over 22 Courses in four regular semesters. A cumulative grade point average of 1 or more will be required to pass the degree.
  • Each regular semester shall be spread over eighteen weeks, 16 weeks for teaching and two weeks for preparation and the conduct of examinations. The progress of the student shall be monitored in each semester on the basis of a student’s academic performance in the semester as measured by the number of courses passed and Grade Point Average (GPA).
Specialization & Optional Courses
  • In addition to Compulsory and Interdisciplinary Courses, and Core Courses of History, Specializations will be offered during the last four semesters (from Semester 5 through 8). A student will opt for a minimum of 7 courses of 3 credits each (7×3=21 Credits) in any one of the given streams of specialization from Semesters 5-8. In addition, a student may also choose 7 courses of 3 credits each (7×3=21 Credits) from others streams of specialization and in other departments.
  • The following six streams of specialization will be offered depending upon the availability of faculty:

    1. Premodern South Asia
    2. Modern South Asia
    3. History of Pakistan
    4. Muslim Civilization
    5. European History
    6. World History
Undergraduate Thesis
  • During the eighth and the final semester, a student may opt. for an Undergraduate Thesis of 9 credits under supervision of a faculty member.