Mastes Program

An academic year of the university is comprised of two semester, each of a minimum duration of 16 weeks of teaching. The course of study for M.Sc. degree extends over four semesters. The degree is comprised of at least 60 credits and a course of one credit means one hour of lecture. Medium of instruction is English. Each M.Sc student is required to take and pass a non-credit but compulsory English language course in the department. The course has recently been launched to enhance student’s spoken and written expression capacity.

The teaching methodology in the Department of History consists of lectures, tutorials, seminars, group work and presentations, etc. The M.Sc program is offered at both regular (morning) and self-finance (evening) basis. Admissions to the regular program are made in January and self-finance program in August every year. Foreign students seeking admission to the university are required to submit their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.

Admission Criterion
  • A person holding a Bachelor’s degree from a Pakistani university, or an equivalent degree from any other recognized university, with at least a second division or its equivalent grade, is eligible for admission to the Masters’ program of study.
  • Those who have studied any of the following subjects in B.A. may apply for admission in Masters’ program: History, Political Science, Economics, Applied Psychology, Psychology, Journalism, Sociology, Philosophy, Geography, International Relations, Islamic Studies, and Social Work.
  • The candidates seeking admission to the department are required to make an application for admission on a prescribed form in response to an advertisement in leading national newspapers.
  • Admissions are made on the basis of merit and regional quota.
Merit Calculator

The merit is determined on the basis of academic record. The formula for calculating merit is as under:

MOAC = 800 × (MOF/TM + MOB/TM) + NCC + HQ

MOAC :    Marks of academic career out of 800

MOF    :    Marks obtained in F.A or F.Sc.

MOB    :    Marks obtained in B.A or B.Sc.

TM       :    Total Marks in the relevant examination

NCC    :    Nation Cadet Corps (20 marks)

HQ       :    Hafiz Quran (20 marks)

General Rules

The maximum age limit for admission to the Master’s program is 26 years, unless relaxation is granted by the Vice Chancellor in special circumstances on the recommendation of the Chairman of the Department. Admission to one department does not give a student a right to migrate to another department.

The following are not eligible to admission in the Master’s program:

  • Those who are already on the rolls of this university.
  • Those who already possess a Master’s degree or an equivalent degree from this university.
  • Those who have failed already from the rolls of this university as per its regulations.

For further information regarding rules of admission, registration and examination for the M.Sc. program, please contact the office of the History Department, Student Adviser of the Department, or the office of the Controller of Examinations.