MSc Courses

Part I

Compulsory Courses

All the students enrolled in the M. Sc. are required to take the following courses of three credits each.

HI 301 Ancient Civilizations
HI 302 Islamic Civilization till 1258
HI 303 Europe: From Renaissance to 1914 (Revised)
HI 304 Modern World 1914-1990. (Revised)
HI 305 Muslim in South Asia (711-1526)
HI 306 Muslims in South Asia (1526-1707)
HI 307 Decline of Muslim Power in South Asia (1707-1857)
HI 308 Pakistan Movement 1857-1947
HI 309 History of Pakistan, 1947-1997. (New)
HI 310 Research Methodology
HI 311 Historiography
HI 312 Intellectual History of Muslims in South Asia. (Revised)
Part II

Optional Courses and Fields of Specialization

The students are required to specialize in any one of the following fields of specialization by taking at least four courses from a particular field.


HI 313 Political Parties in Pakistan. (Revised)
HI 314 Political Leadership in Pakistan. (New)
HI 315 Constitutional Development in Pakistan. (New)
HI 316 Religion and Politics in Pakistan. ( New)
HI 317 Political Development in Pakistan. (New)
HI 318 Foreign Policy of Pakistan.
HI 319 Issues in Foreign Policy of Pakistan. (New)
HI 320 Social and Economic History of Pakistan. (Revised)
HI 321 A Seminar on a Selected Problem of Pakistan.

Islamic History

HI 322 State and Society in Early Islam.
HI 323 Administrative System of the Umayyads and the Abbasids (661-258)
HI 324 Intellectual and Scientific Development in the Muslim World (Revised).
HI 325 Muslims in Spain and Sicily.
HI 326 History of the Crusades. (New)
HI 327 History of the Ottomans. (New)
HI 328 History of the Fatimids. (New)
HI 329 Islam in the West. (New)
HI 330 Muslim Political Thought. (Revised)
HI 331 History of Muslim Philosophy. (New)
HI 332 Muslim Historiography. (New)

South Asia (Revised)

HI 333 Ancient India. (Revised)
HI 334 Development of India Political Thought: From Kautilya to Panikkar.
HI 335 Emergence of Indian Nationalism: From Ram Mohan Roy to Gandhi.
HI 336 Political and Constitutional Development in India since 1947.
HI 337 Religion and Politics in India. (New)
HI 338 Social and Economic History of India. (Revised)
HI 339 Foreign Policy of India.
HI 340 History of Bangladesh. (New)
HI 341 History of Sri Lanka. (New)
HI 342 History of Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Maldives. (New)
HI 343 Religions of South Asia. (New)
HI 344 Historiography of South Asia. (New)

Central Asia (New)

HI 345 History of Central Asia. (New)
HI 346 Islam in Central Asia. (New)
HI 347 Central Asia and the USSR. (New)
HI 348 Emergence of Central Asian Republics. (New)
HI 349 Kazakhstan. (New)
HI 350 Kyrgyzstan. (New)
HI 351 Tajikistan. (New)
HI 352 Turkmenistan. (New)
HI 353 Uzbekistan. (New)
HI 354 Azerbaijan. (New)
HI 355 Afghanistan, (New)
HI 356 Afghanistan since the Soviet Invasion of 1979. (New)

Middle East

HI 357 Egypt.
HI 358 Gulf States (Revised)
HI 359 Iran.
HI 360 Iraq (New)
HI 361 Jordan (New).
HI 362 Palestine (New)
HI 363 Saudi Arabia (Revised)
HI 364 Syria (New)
HI 365 Turkey
HI 366 Arab Nationalism (New)


HI 367 Central Africa.
HI 368 East Africa.
HI 369 North Africa.
HI 370 South Africa.
HI 371 West Africa.
HI 372 Colonialism in Africa. (New)
HI 373 Islam in Africa. (New)
HI 374 Africa in the Modem World. (Revised)


HI 375 England: (Revised)
HI 376 France. (Revised)
HI 377 Germany
HI 378 Italy (New)
HI 379 USSR (Revised/New)
HI 380 Foreign Policy of the USSR
HI 381 Russia (Revised/New)
HI 382 Europe since 1914(Revised)
HI 383 European Colonialism (Revised)
HI 384 East Europe after the end of Cold War (New)
HI 385 Intellectual History of Europe. (New)

China, Japan and Korea

HI 386 Imperial China and the Advent of the Europeans.
HI 387 Modem China: Sun Yat-Sen to the Socialist Revolution.
HI 388 The People’s Revolution, 1930-1949.
HI 389 The People’s Republic of China since 1949.
HI 390 Modern Japan, 1867-1945.
HI 391 Japan since the Second World War.
HI 392 History of Korea (New)

South-East Asia and Australia

HI 394 Australia and New Zealand
HI 395 Indonesia.
HI 396 Indonesia, Malaysia
HI 397 Philippines
HI 398 Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. (Revised)
HI 399 Vietnam.

North America

HI 400 United States: From Colonial: America to Colonial to 1914 (Revised)
HI 401 History of the United Stales since the First World War l (Revised)
HI 402 American Political System. (Revised)
HI 403 Social and Economic History of the United State (Revised)
HI 404 Intellectual History of the United State
HI 405 Foreign Policy of the United State (Revised)
HI 406 History of Canada
HI 407 Problems of Federalism in Canada
HI 408 Foreign Policy of Canada

Latin America

HI 409 Argentina
HI 410 Brazil
HI 411 Chile
HI 412 Cuba
HI 413 Mexico
HI 414 Venezuela
HI 415 Colonialism in Latin America
HI 416 Latin America in the Modern World
Part III

Inter-Group/Department Options

The students have an additional option of taking two courses of three credits each either from part II or from the courses offered in any other Department of Faculty of Social Sciences, with the approval of the Chairman.

Part IV

A Masters Essay of six credits prepared under the guidance of a member(s) of faculty with the prior approval of the Chairman of the Department.
A comprehensive Viva-Voce examination of six credits to be conducted by a panel of examiners consisting of an External Examiner and the faculty members and Chairman of the Department.

EN001 Proficiency in English Language